• 02.10.2023

Tender opportunity: apply as Evaluator of EU marketing campaign for poinsettia and pelargonium in 6 new countries

For 20 years the Stars for Europe (SfE) initiative has been supporting poinsettia sales across Europe through PR and marketing, while its sister campaign, Pelargonium for Europe (PfE), launched in 2016 to do the same for . The campaigns are active each year in 22 European countries, funded by industry royalties. Over previous years, they have won EU funding as solo projects, allowing greatly increased activities and impact in target countries.  

Thanks to winning a pelargoniums new round of EU funding, for the first time, 2023 sees the launch of a combined PfE and SfE EU campaign worth around 1 million Euros. It targets six new Eastern European countries for the first time: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. The new campaign runs for three years, from 1 March 2023 to 28 February 2026.  

The project aims to promote and secure long term poinsettia and pelargonium sales by targeting end-consumers and supporting the green trade. The campaign comprises promotional activities such as public relations, media collaborations, digital and social media marketing, marketing support for retailers, and point-of-sale materials. 

Each year as part of the EU agreement, campaign activities, output results and impact in the six EU- countries must be thoroughly assessed by an external evaluator, within specific parameters.   

PfE and SfE are now publishing this open call to tender for the role of campaign Evaluator 

To receive the full briefing and application form, email susanne.lux@meclux.de with your name and one or two brief sentences outlining your horticulture and/or marketing experience (you will have the chance to send further information later).  

Please use the email subject line: Evaluator tender 101094149-EE briefing request 

The deadline to apply is 20th October, so please send your request for the application forms as 

 soon as possible. 

Update as of 20/10/2023: The deadline to apply for this tender opportunity has been extended until 31/10/2023.