• 29.02.2024

New sustainability knowledgebase for ornamental horticulture

An new initiative for EU support by PfE and SfE

A new sustainability knowledgebase has been launched by industry initiatives Pelargonium for Europe (PfE) and Stars for Europe (SfE). The knowledgebase is an online platform hosting a curated collection of sustainability news, advice, and case studies to support growers and suppliers in their sustainability journey.

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To create the knowledgebase, they have scoured green media for useful sustainability information for growers of pelargonium and poinsettia, collecting it in one place, and categorising it into twelve key topics. Within the knowledgebase, users can read a brief summary of each article in their own language. Then, by clicking an article to read it at its source, they can use the automatic translation tool in their web browser to read the whole article in their own language.

Giving full credit to the source of all content shared, the platform aims to amplify the voices of horticulture experts and the platforms of reputable green trade media – both vital for industry strength and collaboration.

They are also on the lookout for expert contributors to write research-driven articles for their new sustainability knowledgebase. If you’re an expert in any of the fields listed below in relation to ornamental horticulture, get in touch to discuss becoming a paid contributor.

Environmental topics:
Peat and substrates
Plastic and packaging
Chemical reduction

Social and governance topics:
Employment and welfare
Communications and collaboration
Certification and measuring

The knowledgebase will aim to showcase the sustainable production methods that are not just possible but also practical and beneficial from a financial perspective, for example, advice on efficient energy use and the latest products for peat or plastic reduction. As well as environmental topics, it takes a holistic view of sustainability encompassing social issues such employment and welfare, for example, news on labour laws and horticulture-focused mental health resources, as well as community initiatives such as charity fundraisers that could be replicated around Europe.

The project aims for international exchange, utilising the SfE and PfE networks. For example, it shares content from the Netherlands where there have recently been rapid developments in technology of renewables and energy-saving methods in commercial greenhouses, and it shares content from the UK where there have recently been rapid developments in peat-free substrate science as the UK is facing Europe’s first formal peat ban.

The knowledgebase is first published in English but will soon be rolled out in German, Dutch, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Romanian, Hungarian, and Slovak, eventually followed by more languages. A special focus is placed on Eastern Europe as there is currently an active EU-funded campaign operating in these six countries.

About Pelargonium for Europe and Stars for Europe

PfE and SfE are marketing initiatives that aim to promote and secure long-term pelargonium and poinsettia sales respectively. SfE was founded in 2000 and PfE in 2016, both led by leading European breeders: Dümmen Orange, Florensis, Selecta One, Syngenta Flowers, Beekenkamp Plants (SfE only), and Elsner PAC (PfE only). With this long-term experience, they boast a strong communications network spanning 22 European countries.

SfE has been supported by the EU since 2011 and PfE since 2020, both winning funding under the EU’s promotion policy to support European farmers. Most recently, the two projects have collaborated to win EU funding in partnership. In order to continue winning this valuable support which benefits the whole industry, they must incorporate industry sustainability support into their marketing mix.