How to increase sales across different age groups

Whilst they have been prevalent for centuries across the whole of society in their native Mexico, poinsettia’s long association with Christmas tradition means they have tended to be favoured by an older consumer demographic across Europe.

Those for whom Christmas is a sacred tradition involving a long Advent build-up and monumental preparations of food, drink and festive décor, are still the most likely to adorn their Christmas tables and homes with sesaonal poinsettias, but as houseplants and all other aspects of green living continue to be a raging trend, younger age groups are also joining the poinsettia party. Get into the mindset of this extended consumer demographic to maximise poinsettia sales in Autumn/Winter 2022.

Family and Career Builders

Consumers in the 25-35 age group are powerful drivers of trends, with the spending power that comes from career building, coupled with a desire to get on the housing ladder and settle down with a family. For these people as well, carrying on the traditions of a family Christmas is an important aspect of their life journey where poinsettias can take their special place as the centrepiece of the festive table.

Whilst traditional red poinsettias are still the runaway favourites worldwide, the flourishing of other colours is good news for retailers trying to attract younger customers to their poinsettia merchandise.

Tip: In cases where poinsettias have been grown and bought locally, let people know. Buying poinsettias enables them to support local horticultural businesses, garden centres and florists outside the spring season when they typically sell the most plants.

Merchandise Idea 1: Shades of Autumn

With such a broad colour palette now available, versatile poinsettias not only bring the warmth and comfort of established tradition, but can now deliver an eclectic modern twist to any home setting.

The popularity of certain hashtags on social media gives great insight into the direction new plant parents are going in. Whether it’s an #urbanjungle your customer is trying to achieve, #bohochic style or a clean and #pureair contemporary vibe, poinsettias can help them achieve the look. The Stars for Europe image library has all you need to inspire even the trendiest of consumers.

The more autumnal shades of orange, salmon, peach or yellow that are now available also extend the poinsettia season well past the traditional advent into October and November.

Tip: Make sure customers are given advice about plant care at the point of purchase, especially if they’re first time poinsettia parents: Poinsettias must be kept at an optimum temperature of 15-22 degrees, with plenty of light, protection from cold draughts, light watering and misting if in very dry environments.

Merchandise Idea 2: Winter Wedding Wonders

The delightful influx of new colours and the increasingly popular ‘Pixie’ style of mini poinsettias, also means they are the ideal flower for winter weddings. Reds and pinks have long been the colours of romance and a wedding where poinsettias play a leading role promises pure sensuality. It shouldn’t be a problem to find bracts in a gorgeous shade that matches the bride’s lipstick.

The bridal bouquet is the a bride’s number one accessory. White, cream and pastel coloured flowers are popular for bridal bouquets, since they radiate romance and harmonise well with the classic white of the wedding dress. In winter, cut poinsettias are a perfect match for the bridal bouquet. In soft pink and combined with white roses, gypsophila and Lisianthus, these magnificent, star-shaped bracts ensure a glamorous appearance for the big day.

Merchandise Idea 3: Candy Colour Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, the younger generations in particular are always on the lookout for ways to make sure their festive displays and decorations stand out. Poinsettias allow them to achieve new looks and colour combinations without breaking the bank, so show them how to style different looks in combination with other decorative merchandise.

This festive table centrepiece in delicate pastel shades is fresh, light and understated. The combination of accessories in cool shades of pale blue and muted pink makes the showy, colourful bracts of the poinsettias stand out brilliantly. The bright blue of a single candle holder adds an extra colour accent.

Pastel shades of yellow and pink dominate this modern festive table and create a cheerful, fresh vibe, further boosted by a few bold touches of colour. The focal point of the table display are the stunning poinsettias, which, as potted and cut flowers, instantly create a Christmassy mood. Strawberry cacti and small crab apples add cheerful, colourful accents.

New life builders

Those between the ages of 50-55 years often gain a new lease of life as careers reach a comfortable plateau and children get ready to leave the nest. With well-established households, more leisure time to play with and a tendency towards gardening and house plant cultivation, this key consumer demographic can find a lot to love in poinsettias.

A lot of people completed major home improvements during lockdown and got their tools around a multitude of small, medium and large-scalle DIY jobs which had been building up over the years. Kitchens were fitted, bathrooms upgraded, home offices established, living rooms were painted and furniture was refreshed.

For a huge number of consumers these upgrades featured a strong element of greening their living spaces with an abundance of new houseplants, which became a source of major fascination for as people sought inner solace in the midst of outer chaos. Tip: Poinsettias offer the perfect way to extend this passion for plant life well beyond the usual spring and summer gardening season, throughout autumn and winter.

Tip: For those who are missing their gardens and allotments, poinsettias are THE way to enjoy fresh flowers and plants throughout the dark winter months, offering a prime opportunity to exercise their green fingers indoors. As well as keeping people occupied with a healthy and relaxing activity, festive flowering arranging will get them nicely in the mood for Christmas whilst readying their home in a style fit for Santa and other seasonal visitors.

Tip: Those don’t have the inclination or time to spare on flower arranging, crafting or other considered projects can get their homes Christmas ready in mere seconds with an assortment of well-placed poinsettias.

Tip: Emphasise the gifting potential of poinsettias, which make the perfect plastic-free gift for house guests to give to their dinner and drinks party hosts.

Merchandise Idea 1: Calming Crafts

Crafing and DIY are hobbies of choice for millions of Brits who want to wind down from the office and take time out from their computers. Poinsettias come into their own in the realm of craft, offering a world of colour possibilities for homespun decorations, tablepieces, hanging ornaments and other floral displays.

Wreaths are everywhere during Advent and Christmas. Poinsettias can transform even the simplest ones into beautiful, festive focal points. For this fabulous, natural, modern wall wreath, you’ll need a poinsettia, a metal wreath ring, wild clematis vine (Old Man’s Beard vine), spruce cones, twist wire, paper-covered binding wire and a drill.

  1. With the help of the drill and hook attachment, attach vines to the design ring with twists of binding wire. Then gradually weave in more and more vines until the bottom half of the wreath is wide enough to fit a planter inside. The top half of the wreath may be much narrower.
  2. Then with paper-covered binding wire attach the cones and hang the wreath on the wall.
  3. Finally, gently place the poinsettia and planter in the densely woven vine. Done!

Merchandise Idea 2: Poinsettia Advent Calendar

The Stars for Europe Advent Calendar is a brilliant way to keep the Poinsettia Party going throughout the month of December, with 24 easy to schedule social media posts and fabulous lifestyle imagery that will bring your Instagram and Facebook feeds alive, just when you need them to work extra hard for you.

Tip: Poinsettias are plastic free, so emphasise this fact to consumers who want to reduce waste and are seeking greener alternatives to the usual Christmas decorations.

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