Tender for evaluation of EU marketing campaign for poinsettia promotion

• 3.2.2022 •

Stars for Europe (SfE), the industry-backed marketing initiative which promotes and secures sales of poinsettia plants, has been awarded funding for a three-year EU campaign from 2021 to 2024, named “Stars Unite Europe”. As it reaches the end of its first year, a call to tender is announced for the evaluation of the EU project.

SfE was founded in 2000 and it is led by a collective of European poinsettia breeders: Beekenkamp Plants, Dümmen Orange, Selecta one and Syngenta Flowers. The initiative has been successfully receiving financial support from the EU since 2016, and June 2021 marked the start of its latest EU-backed campaign.

The new three-year EU campaign takes place in seven countries, while the ongoing industry-funded project continues in a further 15 countries. Those receiving EU funds are France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Sweden.

Each year, as part of the EU agreement, the campaign activities, output results, and impact in each country must be thoroughly assessed by an external evaluator. The areas of work to be evaluated include public relations, websites and social media, media cooperation, communication tools, events, and point of sale promotion.

The three-year task will involve writing an evaluation plan, a summary in reference to national market data, and each year writing eight reports – one per work package – covering seven countries, plus a yearly market analysis.

Data will be provided to the evaluator in March of each year, starting March 2022, and the complete evaluation reports are requested in May.

To tender for the evaluation, request an application form – please email susanne.lux@meclux.de and communication@org-intern.info.

The deadline to tender is February 28th, 2022. All communication and documents are in English.

Person specification

Applicants should have experience in:

  • (Generic) plant marketing / plant market analysis
  • EU / public funded projects and/or project evaluation

Further criteria for selection of the external evaluator are:

  • Expertise in the market for flowers and plants
  • Knowledge of both green industry / trade as well as consumer PR / bloggers
  • Knowledge of marketing projects
  • Expertise in EU or publicly funded campaigns evaluation